N7R.CO was a short way to reach Note7Rebels.com. As the name suggests, it was where the people who didn't want to give up their Note 7 went to talk about ways to keep their phone. It started out as a great site. Lots of talent and creative ways to keep Samsung and the carriers at bay from getting the Note 7's back.

But as all most things in life, greed showed up. One day most of the content that was hosted at n7r.co (and lets be honest most was ripped from xda-developers.com) was suddenly behind a paywall, not just any paywall but a donation paywall. This was is where the cleaver site owner Mr. John Ringgold (Jay Boss) showed his true side, you can't dispute a Credit Card charge when it is a donation. You see, a donation is something you give freely with nothing expected in reward. Phrasing it that way ensured he could fight people who caught on and wanted their money back.

Needless to say there was a mass exodus from the Note 7 Rebels, and soon sites that were built on the true passion of the Note 7 sprung up like wild-flowers dotting the cyberspace. The biggest one still around is Note7Alliance.com (later re-branded to AllianceX.org)

Both the Rebels and Alliance thrived and grew in numbers. Then in late November 2016 Samsung decided to get serious about getting ALL of the Note 7's back. They started to deploy the kill update. This update would limit your battery. First it was 80%, then 30% and finally the last update prevented your phone from using a charger.

Both the Alliance and the Rebels said they were making an app to prevent this update from getting on your phone. Once again the Rebels needed more money to make the app and a fresh round of donations were *highly encouraged*. Meanwhile over at the Alliance the promise of free information carried over to the App. It would be free and no donations were needed to develop it.

Finally the first week of January the Alliance released their app. It wasn't pretty but it worked. The Rebels teased about their app in weekly updates saying it was close. Around mid January Samsung was able to block the method the Alliance App and a few others were using to prevent the update. The Rebels still didn't have anything released at this point. More promises and more money needed. About a week later the Alliance released the second version of their app that was able to stop the updates again. Nothing from the Rebels. In fact it wasn't until almost March 2017 that their app showed up, AND it didn't work on the Note 7's as they were still using the blocked way. If you had waited for the Rebels app your phone would have received the kill update and be useless to you.

About this time the Alliance released their third version of the blocking app called the Shield. This app used a entirely different method. Now the Alliance had two ways to block the updates from Samsung and the Rebels had zero. This was the great undoing for the Rebels. The question on everyone mind was: "How can the Alliance produce three apps that work for FREE and the Rebels can't produce one with thousands in donations?"

Eager to put that behind them Jay Boss said they will now focus on the S8, and future projects from not just Samsung but all Android devices. Thus, they were reborn as AndroidAve.com. This is also the time the Note7Alliance changed to AllianceX. No one was really first, it was more they both realized the Note 7 can't live forever.

Also around this time one of the mods from the Alliance decided that they could do a better job running their own site with another user from the Alliance. With next to zero technical skill and knowledge, they tried desperately to get the creator of the Shield on their side. When that didn't work one by one they tried to lure away the current mods and rock star who was working on the root method for the Note 7.
No one went with them and it became very apparent that it was a mistake from the jump. Their site is no better than the Rebels, all content is a rehash of other sites and there is talk of $$$ in the future with no real gain. This is yet another example of greed getting the best of you. Soon their site will look like this, bought for a cheap price and their history told for all to read.

As you can tell the N7R.co and Note7Rebels.com domains were not renewed and AndroidAve.com has no content. Safe to say they are dead

The Alliance is still around and very strong. Their Shield app has expanded from just an update blocker to a full featured management app. They have also managed to root the Note 7 and they can also provide you with a fix for the kill update. Thanks to the Alliance no matter what your Note 7 has gone through it can be saved. Unless it blew up then you are screwed.